Some reasons you might want to sell your property!


Damaged Property

Distressed Property


Selling Rental Property


Ugly House

Late Mortgage Payments


Inherited House


Going Through Divorce

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What We Do
. No-Cost Service to You.

So you are looking to sell your home fast for any of the reasons below.

No Sweat, we can help you connect with an investor, direct buyer, even a specializing agent that can help with your situation. We learn about your situation, explain which is the best options, then you decide what’s best for your interest.

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Selling To House Today Cash Tomorrow Vs. A Local Real Estate Agent

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Let us help explore your options!

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Our 3 Step Home Buying Process
Speedy House Options purchases houses for cash. Old houses, houses in poor shape, houses in need of repair, you name it…WE BUY IT!


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Phone Call

For the initial phone call we will collect details about your home and learn more about your situation and requirements.

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Offer Review & Acceptance

You decide what is in your best interest, take as much time as you need to decide on our offer. If you agree to our offer, we’ll arrange a cash transaction and open up escrow & title to complete the purchase based on your time requirements.

What Our Clients Say

Get top dollar for your property without the song and dance.

Reasonable offers, fast closings.


I didn’t know this service existed, I’ve always seen signs on billboards and light poles, but I wanted to find a service that I can trust with the sale of my home.

Jenny H.


Incredibly friendly team. We didn’t have time to go through an entire realtor or a financing team, we needed to sell fast and avoid down time, and fees going the traditional way. Reccomend them!

Jessica Sanchez


Our home was going into foreclosure, but we were running out of options. We found Speedy House Options, they helped get the house sold and helped save our credit.

Jose M.

Selling To House Today Cash Tomorrow Vs. A Local Real Estate Agent

Friendly Service 7 Days a WeekOpen Daily 9:00am- 6:00pm

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After my parents passed away I needed to sell their home, it wasn’t an easy thing to do for me, but Speedy House Options made the process very simple and thankfully it was all fair and fast! I’m very thankful.

Shannon Lopez, -seller

I want to write this testimonial to note how professional and quick the Speedy House Options team was to buy my house, and very patient to answer all my questions before closing the deal.

Matt Wagner, -seller

I was so worried the whole process of selling my home would be headache after headache, but this truly was a relieving experience and I would recommend Speedy House Options to anyone in need to sell their home quickly.

Jason Mullins

Specializing in California

We are focused in connecting sellers to buyers in the Los Angeles area, and in local communities. We believe in personable service and friendly support. You will not speak to a sales person but a real person that can provide relevant information in real time.

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Speedy and Less Complicated.

If you don’t want to deal with the uncertainty of other parties complicating the process, see the difference. 

Speedy House Options

  • No Realtor Fees or Back and Forth

  • Average 7-10 Days Closing

  • Escrow peace of mind

  • No need for Repairs or upgrades needed

  • No closing costs

  • Easy Paperwork

  • No Open houses or showings

Conventional Sale

  • 6% Realtor fees and commissions

  • Average Escrow takes 3-5 months to close

  • Escrow contingencies, bank red flags

  • Repairs or upgrades, cleaning and other unknown costs

  • Lots of paperwork, contingencies, bank rules

  • Showings, clean up, and uncertain offers

Common Questions We Get Asked

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It’s easy! Fill in the form or call us at  310-388-3409

We pay all closing costs. What we offer you is what you get. No hidden fees.

Within 24 hours of contacting We Buy Homes you’ll get your offer!

No problem! We buy your home “as is” and handle the repairs before re-selling.

Between 7 to 15 days, depending on your specific situation.

We regularly purchase homes that are behind in payments, so no need to make another payment.

We regularly purchase homes that are behind in foreclosure.

It’s best to sell your home before bank foreclosure, this will prevent a “foreclosure” from appearing on your credit report.

We can! We buy homes in any condition

We are experienced dealing with bad tenants. So yes, we can.

Most likely you’ll need to pay your agent’s commission, but we can still purchase your home.

You can complete your end of the closing locally at most attorneys’ offices.

Yes! We can work with your bank through a process called a “short sale”.

Selling To House Today Cash Tomorrow Vs. A Local Real Estate Agent

Friendly Service 7 Days a WeekOpen Daily 9:00am- 6:00pm

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